UV-C Sterilization Cabinet

4UV is designed to be used by domestic and commercial
customers, ensuring virus protection and biosecurity.

The UVC sterilization cabinet can disinfect domestic items such as cell phones, wallets, credit cards and postal items ( letters and parcels) within 60 seconds.

Its dimensions also suite the sanitization needs of stores, small businesses and personal care services.

External Dimensions –  Height: 54.8cm (feet included) x Length: 50.4cm x Depth: 25.9cm

Internal Dimensions –  Height: 35cm  x Length: 35cm x Depth: 18cm

It sanitizes faster than the alternatives and can accommodate larger items than any other domestic sterilizing solution. The 4UV Sterilization Cabinet facilitates sanitizing deliveries wherever it is needed. Click here for more info


99.9 %

Highly Efficacious Sterilization

  •  Eliminates 99.9%* of viruses,     bacteria, mold and fungi
  •  Improves domestic hygiene
  • Extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables

360° Coverage

Full Reflection

  • The internal reflective aluminum
    plating provides 360º of coverage.
  • Unique internal shelving system
    for multifunctional use, making the
    internal space adjustable to the
    user’s needs.
  • Optimal UV-C light dispersal.

UV-C Light

Disinfection Sterilization

  • UV-C light has the energy necessary to break apart organic molecular bonds
  • It destroys microorganisms and
    harmful pathogens such as viruses, yeast, fungi and bacteria
  • UV-C provides residue free
    disinfection, so there are no
    dangerous waste products to be
    wiped down or neutralized after

Short Minute Cycle

Fast & Easy to Use

  • Sterilizes and sanitizes  within 1 minute
  • Short exposure times provide a high degree of sterilization

Safety First

Safe Mechanism

  • A safety mechanism disconnects
    the UV-C light when the cabinet is open.
  • Automatic Timer
  • The UV bulbs are warrantied for up to 8,000 hours of use

Multifunctional Use:

- Domestic sterilizer
- Beauty salons
- Barbershops
- Pharmacies
- Industrial kitchens
- Suitable for medium-to-large - Packages

Effectiveness Test - Lab Results

Downloads - Certificates

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