Palram 4U

Environmental Commitment

As a global manufacturing leader, we constantly strive to reduce our ecological impact on the climate and the environment by using eco-friendly materials, implementing innovative solutions for an efficient use of resources, and applying greener, more sustainable methods of production and supply chain.

100% of our Post-production scrap is recycled in-house by a closed-loop system, and converted into products. During the sheet manufacturing process no harmful substances are released (our production is 100% Dibutyltin-free and DEHP-free), we meet the industry’s most demanding CO2 emission requirements and we keep  making our processes more eco-friendly by replacing fossil fuel-based materials with bio-based materials .We comply with REACH & ROHS regulations.

By creating recycled build materials, recyclable products and applying eco-friendly manufacturing methods we help make a positive impact on the planet and help ensuring that future generations will enjoy a healthy and vibrant world.


Our plastic sheet plants operate with an internal recycling process where scraps are ground up and repurposed. As a result, our manufacturing wastes are less than 1%.
Palram recycles more than 13,000 tons of polycarbonate and PVC every year.
This is the equivalent of 3,000 truckloads of plastic diverted from landfills.

Closed-loop production reduces waste to less than 1%

Palboard® Terra, our most innovative composite panels are made of recycled unsorted household waste – extracted from landfills blended with fully recycled PVC, making them the most eco-friendly build material to date. click here to see our eco friendly solutions 


Palram’s sites comply with international standards and regulations for environmental and energy management. Palram’s products comply with safety, health, and environmental protection standards.